I’m delighted when my colleagues in law and architecture express appreciation for the usefulness of the book I’ve written on servitudes.  That was precisely my intention from the outset. I aimed to provide a comprehensive exploration of servitudes, beginning with legal fundamentals, and to offer insights into the most prevalent scenarios architects encounter, particularly concerning new developments adjacent to existing properties.

Unlike some authors, I don’t particularly enjoy formal inaugural book launch events, as they can be one-time affairs that fade from memory after the event ends. Instead, I prefer an approach, where I can explain key passages from the book using online visual means.

Thanks to Dr. Perit Jeanette Mireille Munoz Abela   I was able to create 30 short explanations on my TikTok account, covering key aspects of the book. She posed questions to me during a Q&A session held last November, which sparked these informative videos.