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Dr Robert Musumeci

Selected Principles of Maltese Planning Law

This book is about the development of new ideas and proposition of solutions in order to bridge the numerous legal lacunae encountered in the course of the decision-making process surrounding development planning applications, whether such decisions are taken before the Planning Authority, the Environment and Planning Review Tribunal or the Court of Appeal. It delves into Section 72 of the current Development Planning Act, which regulates how planning applications should be determined. The focus is then shifted on the role of the current Environment Planning and Review Tribunal (EPRT). Finally, the book moves on to provide a meaningful definition of ‘a point of law’ with a view to establish those scenarios in which the Court of Appeal (Inferior Jurisdiction) may hold itself competent to hear an appeal from a Tribunal decision.

This publication is also the official textbook used by Dr Robert Musumeci himself to teach law students who choose to follow the subject of Development Planning Legislation at the University of Malta.

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